Access to Healthy Food and the Assurance of Toprak Doğal

12 Haziran 2024

Eating healthy and natural products has become a priority for many people today. While there are countless options available on the internet and online marketplaces to meet this demand, Toprak Doğal stands out among brands by offering quality products at affordable prices and ensuring reliability.

Delicious Gifts for Eid al-Adha: Special Gift Boxes

09 Haziran 2024

With Eid al-Adha approaching, offering a gift box filled with healthy and natural snacks to your loved ones can be a wonderful idea. The delicious gift boxes available on Toprak Doğal's website are ideal for both personal and corporate gift-giving.


01 Haziran 2024

The important day for Muslims, Eid Al- Adha (Sunday, June 16), is approaching, and it's the perfect time to give your loved ones a healthy, natural, and delicious gift! Toprak Doğal offers corporate gift packages that bring together the healthiest nuts and fruits carefully selected from all over Turkey. These special packages not only promote healthy eating but also provide an opportunity to experience the flavors nature has to offer in their purest form.

Turning Healthy and Natural Nutrition into Joy

27 Mayıs 2024

For the past 10 years, Toprak Doğal has been contributing to the healthy lifestyles of thousands of people by sourcing the healthiest and most natural products from all over Turkey.

Offering a journey from nature to your table, Toprak Doğal aims to provide quality products sought by healthy eating enthusiasts. As our Toprak Doğal family, who listen to the voice of the earth, grows beyond tens of thousands, our quality standards remain consistently high.

Healthy and Balanced Nutrition: Diet and Diet Psychology

23 Mayıs 2024

The goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle and ideal weight has become a significant part of modern life. In this process, proper nutrition and psychological resilience play a major role. As Toprak Doğal, we introduce Turkey's healthiest and most natural foods to consumers and contribute to their healthy eating journey.

Here is some information on diet psychology, methods for losing and gaining weight, and how Toprak Doğal's premium food products can contribute to a healthy diet:

Consıderatıons for Dıets ın Summer

18 Mayıs 2024

During the summer months, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to staying energized and hydrated. Here are some key considerations for summer diets:

Ready Flavor Tarhana From Soup to Chıps!

18 Mayıs 2024

When you think of soup, tarhana is the first that comes to mind. Questions like "Does tarhana soup cause gas?", "Can babies have tarhana soup?", "snack tarhana", "tarhana chips", "winter tarhana", "Uşak Tarhanası", and "Maraş tarhanası" are some of the most searched topics online. In this article, we answer all your questions about tarhana.

Throughout its ten-year successful brand journey, Toprak Doğal, guided by the principles of its meticulous manager Hümeyra Arslan, sources “the best” and “the most natural.” Toprak Doğal does not use artificial additives, preservatives, or colorants in its products. The foods offered to consumers are produced entirely through natural processes and according to regional recipes, ensuring that the products are both purer and more natural.

Introducing Solid Foods to Babies

14 Mayıs 2024

Infancy marks one of the fastest periods of growth and development. Babies are exclusively breastfed or formula-fed during the first six months. However, around six months of age, their bodies become ready for solid foods. Here's the process of introducing solids to babies and steps to facilitate this transition:

Toprak Dogal: Celebrating Mother's Day With You

12 Mayıs 2024

Mother's Day is one of the most special days of the year. It's a wonderful opportunity to remember our mothers with love and gratitude.

However, Mother's Day is not just a day filled with gifts; it's also an opportunity to celebrate a mother's love and dedication to her children.

A Taste Unique to Turkey: Molasses / With Toprak Doğal Quality

07 Mayıs 2024

Molasses can be described as concentrated fruit juice made from sweet fruits. It's a food preservation method unique to our country. Although commonly made from grapes, mulberries, apricots, plums, carob (harnup), juniper (andız), hawthorn, pear, apple, date, fig, and cornelian cherry, molasses can be made from almost any type of sweet fruit. When perishable fruit juice is transformed into molasses, it becomes a long-lasting and energy-rich food source that can be consumed throughout winter. In times without sugar, molasses was used to meet the needs for sweets, and it also held a special place in palace kitchens. According to sources, molasses was used as a sweetener in helva made from mulberry, barley flour, millet, flour, and starch in the helvahane of Fatih Sultan Mehmet at the Topkapi Palace.

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